Online classwala have many advantages such as a better price for the classes, the possibility to take lessons anywhere and choose the schedule that suits your lifestyle.

Today geographical location is not a problem to learn what you want and thanks to the Internet you can take classes all around the world, you just need to find your teacher, download online classwala app and have a mobile device ,a smart phone or a tablet. 

Greater schedule availability

One of the main advantages of receiving online classes is being able to choose the schedule that suits you, our teachers adapt to the different students´ time zones and their preferences.

In addition, you do not always have to choose a fixed schedule as it usually the case in schools or with  teachers, you can plan your classes at your convenience. Thus, if you have less free time during a specific week, you can adapt your calendar and even, eventually, be able to reschedule it to a more convenient time. In YourSkypeClasses.com you can notify 24 hours in advance to reserve your class.

Adapted and customized classes

Having an online tutor has exactly the same advantages as having one who comes to your house to teach classes. Our teachers treat students (on the same level ??) and they adapt their lessons not only to each person’s level , but also to their preferences and goals.

The materials that teachers share with students are also customized so that students can make the most of their activities and lessons. 

Prices of online classes are cheaper

Taking online classes is often cheaper than hiring a tutor who goes where the student lives or going to an academy, considering that online classes have fewer expenses: You save on transport by not having to go anywhere and the teacher or academy saves on the rent where the lessons are taught, as well as any maintenance fees. These savings clearly affects the final price paid by pupils for the service. Online Classwala optimizes costs in order to offer our students the tightest possible price for classes.

The Internet is the new showcase for knowledge and offers many tools that are easy to use in order to learn online. Online Classwala is one of those tools since it offers the possibility of having free video conferences, sharing files with didactic materials, introducing others in conversations and more…